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Vinhomes Golden River Bason apartments

(Update: 7/19/2017 5:37:38 PM)

Vinhomes Golden River apartment is now creating waves in the market of high-end apartment real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City.

Vinhomes Golden River project is one of the most prominent real estate projects in 2016. The project provides about 3,000 luxurious apartments for Sai Gon citizen. The apartments are meticulously designed with luxurious and modern architecture style, flexible areas from 49m2 to 157m2
Vinhomes Golden River apartment is now creating waves in the market of high-end apartment real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City.
Vinhomes Golden River project
With its expensive location, Vinh Son Ba Son will create waves like the apartment Vinhomes Central Park has ever caused.

The Vinhomes Central Park apartment with more than 10,000 units owns the market for apartment transactions from October 2014 to the end of 2016. With its strength, Vingroup has prepared everything for construction. Real estate and luxury from Vinhomes Central Park, Ba Son, Sai Gon Port, riverside villa District 9, Can Gio Resort ...
Vinhomes Golden River apartments are located in District 1, the most expensive location in Saigon, on the one side are a series of 4-6 star hotels and all Grade A buildings, one side is Sai Gon river The most famous city.

Vinhomes Golden River apartment block consists of 06 lots HH1 - HH6 has 44.843 m2 area with 528,331 m2 floor apartment. Besides 05 villas 01-5: area of 16.988 m2, including 63 villas from 225 -437.5 m2.

Office area (VP1): with an area of 5,011 m2, 28 floors; Office, hotel and commercial services (VP2): Area of 6024 m2, 60 floors high. And area for schools (TH1, TH2): with a total land area of 10,835 m2.
Vinhomes Golden River apartment

With such structure, Vinhomes Golden River apartment has many advantages and advantages such as

With more than 75% of the floor area used for apartments and OFT mainstream projects becoming high-end residential areas, the criteria for staying at a more peaceful level are the service trade in the direction of a closed compound. By nature, surrounded by green fences.
Compared with the surrounding area with a range of competing products under the Hai Ba Trung - Ly Tu Trong - Ton Duc Thang area, with the price of other products ranging from $ 4 to $ 10,000, the relative price from the price. So the price of Ba Son apartment ranges from $ 3,700 to $ 10,000. Ba Son's competition with a diversified pricing strategy will create the success of the project.
With 63 villas ranging in size from 225 to 437.5 m2, in the heart of District 1, facing the beautiful riverbank, 63 villas become the longing for the ownership of not only the domestic giants but Are foreign giants. Leading the position and location, Ba Son villas will cost about 350-400 million VND / m2.
A metro station with an area of 2,006 square meters and a 5,100 square meter URMT (modern underground railway), the same road leading to Bach Dang wharf, a planned roadway connecting the river to Ung Van. Khiem in the future will settle for traffic of Vinhomes Central Park and Vinhomes Golden River
Vinhomes Golden River tower
Vinhomes Golden River apartment is widely expected to become the most modern urban area with the most complete closed focus, bringing the upper life and superior class for residents living there. Vinhomes Golden River apartment is designed in accordance with the standard of luxury apartments with the most modern design.
Vinhomes Vinhomes Golden River apartment complex is very complete and complete with full of outstanding features right in the project such as:
  • Walking and cycling paths are approximately 1km
  • The tropical garden is almost 1 hectare, the detailed interior walkway creates a perfect space here.
  • The double layer, in the middle is a vacuum, has the ability to reflect, see the outside but the opposite is not visible inside.
  • Smart Apartments: Adjust all activities of the house by smarthome electronic system
  • Advanced kitchen equipment and appliances in Germany: Duravit, Bosch
  • Central air conditioning: The balcony or balcony area will not have air conditioning, which will be located at the top of the building.
  • World-class education system
  • There are 25 main utilities along with a number of other standard five star facilities such as security and surveillance cameras, sports facilities such as tennis, basketball, swimming pool, Gym ...
Interior design Vinhomes Golden River Apartment:
Vinhomes Golden River apartments are designed by leading designers to create the most spacious space for apartments.
The typical apartments range from 1 to 3 sleeping areas with an area of 49.5 to 160m2. And some have 4 bedrooms located on floors 42 to 47